Pakistan’s Non-Kinetic Responses to Violent Extremism


  • Dr. Khurram Iqbal


Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism mix represents a fine combination of kinetic and non-kinetic means. Besides the use of military, intelligence and police force, the state has also employed de-radicalization, rehabilitation and counter-narrative campaigns to counter extremism in its violent and non-violent manifestations. But a significant decline in accumulative number of terrorist incidents from 2014 onward has led the authorities to slash efforts and resources on soft counter-terrorism front.  Using “Three Levels of Analysis” this paper seeks to provide a brief overview of the soft measures adopted by Pakistan during last two decades of its counter-terrorism campaign and argues that quantitative decline in the incidents of terrorism from 2014 onwards must not lead to counter-terror triumphalism. Terrorism in Pakistan has certainly declined but extremism persists, with certain new characteristics. To respond to these challenges there is a strong need to sustain the non-kinetic Counter Terrorism (CT) initiatives through institutionalized arrangements.  


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Iqbal, Dr. Khurram. 2021. "Pakistan’s Non-Kinetic Responses to Violent Extremism." Strategic Thought (3): 147-161.




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