Military Strategies of India and Pakistan: A Perspective


  • Dr. Zulfqar Khan


India, Pakistan, Nuclear, Deterrence, Draft Nuclear Doctrine (DND), NFU, War, Strategy


The paper argues that India-Pakistan’s crafting of escalatory strategies against each other is dangerously destabilizing the strategic stability and deterrence matrix of South Asia. While the geostrategic transformation has accorded India a critical role under the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy to contain the rise of China. Most significantly, India’s conventional and nuclear strategy appears to be aggressive and, on the other hand, Pakistan has crafted a highly reactive “full spectrum” nuclear strategy too to inflict a severe punishment upon rival with aim to deter India from either coercing or imposing a limited war particularly in the wake of restructuring of its nuclear No First Use (NFU) policy. Pakistan’s volatility coupled with India’s restructuring of nuclear policy is a sure recipe for catastrophic disaster either by doing “crazy things,” “firing nuclear shots,” or by displaying “will” to strike first?


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Khan, Dr. Zulfqar. 2021. "Military Strategies of India and Pakistan: A Perspective." Strategic Thought (3): 126-146.




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