Future Wars and Change in National Policy


  • Dr. Tughral Yamin


Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Warfare, Hybrid War, Information Warfare, Robots


It is quite evident that the nature of warfare is evolving at a very fast pace. It is not difficult to conjecture that any future war will be radically different from the previous one. The next war will not be fought in the battlefield alone but increasingly in the
non-physical dimensions such as the cyber and the psychological domain. The physical aspect of warfare will be so heavily dependent on technology that the human beings will be limited to the side lines. Wars of the future will be the province of machines. There is an urgent need to adopt to the changing dynamics of war. The structures of the previous wars may not even suffice as reference points for future plans. In order to prepare for the next war, a paradigm shift is needed in our perceptions of impending hostile engagements. This paper posits that our national leaders and military commanders need to devise new concepts of defense policy that are in line with the emerging threats. It suggests a radical approach and a break from the past.


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Yamin, Dr. Tughral. 2021. "Future Wars and Change in National Policy." Strategic Thought (3): 113-125.




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