Strategic Thought Journal’s scope revolves on following broader themes:- 

  • Identifying dissonance between the theoretical and intellectual works and real world situations.
  • Exploring and identifying strategic lessons from history and applying them to prescribe solutions for future.
  • Analyzing the linkage of various policies and actions with a view to understand the strategic thinking running through the process.
  • Articulating and comprehending the historical, cultural, economic and geostrategic aspects of policies and actions to develop complete bigger picture of the situations.

Further other areas/themes of research are as under:-

  • Nuclear Proliferation 
  • Nuclear Diplomacy and Strategic Issues
  • Arms Control 
  • Armament and Disarmament 
  • Defence Policies of Veto Powers
  • Contemporary World Order
  • Regional and Global Issues
  • Regional and Global Organizations
  • UN Peacekeeping Operations
  • International Law
  • Foreign Policy Decision Making Process
  • Energy and Water Management
  • Threat Perceptions about the National Defence 
  • Terrorism, Extremism
  • Radicalization, De-radicalization
  • International Political Economy