• Ambassador (Retired) Masood Khalid


Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, Soviet Union, Great Power Game, Geopolitical


Located at the geopolitical centre of Eurasia, Ukraine has been an important arena for great power game for nearly three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The West, principally the United States and Europe, and the Russian Federation have therefore been heavily involved in Ukraine's internal and external development. Their ideological, economic, and geopolitical interests clashed in a fierce battle that led to multiple political regime changes in Ukraine, and ultimately plunged Europe into an intractable security situation. This paper takes the rivalry between the US, Europe and Russia in Ukraine as a starting point to examine the dilemma facing European security in the context of the great power game, the root causes behind the Ukraine crisis, its far-reaching consequences for geopolitics and global patterns and the implications for regional peace in other parts of the world.


Khalid , Ambassador (Retired) Masood. 2023. "Ukraine Conundrum." Strategic Thought 2023 (5): 1-20.

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Ambassador (Retired) Masood Khalid

Ambassador (Retired) Masood Khalid is served as Ambassador of Pakistan to People’s Republic of China from January 2013 to July 2019. 




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